Our building at 228 Hancock Street, Doubleview is now open for holding church services. We will also still use Zoom for the time being. We encourage you to come to church in person! But if you can't then please join us on Zoom. The link is below. 

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10:30am & 6:30pm





The Potter's House Christian Church is located in the Perth suburb of Doubleview (between Scarborough and Innaloo). The church is currently being pastored by Anthony Ryan with his wife Tracey. Both of them had their lives powerfully transformed by Jesus Christ when they were in their twenties. Our aim is to declare the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ. Jesus died for sinners and He rose from the dead. Forgiveness of sin and everlasting life is a free gift that Jesus offers all who will trust in Him and be willing to turn away from their sin. 

'For whoever calls upon the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved'. Romans 10:13

"After graduating University I couldn't find any jobs. I took so many job interviews but no company accepted me so I thought to myself I'm no longer a necessary person in society. I feel depressed and my health condition wasn't good as well.  I at some point imagined myself committing suicide a couple of times. I didn't find anything good in my life. I remember one day saying please help me , save me, I'm in pain something like that. I didn't know to whom I said. I somehow got a factory job, which I didn't originally hoped for. I figured that I would go to Australia to learn English language to find a suitable job when I came back so I needed to do the factory job to save money for Australia even though I didn't really desire that job.  I met this Christian guy there and invited me to his church and he and his pastor prayed for me and my life in Australia. I started to be interested in Christianity since then therefore I planned to visit a church when I get to Australia.   I don't doubt that God led me to this church. I got baptised and learned so many things at this church. I can't thank enough.  Praise the Lord!" 





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